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cisco IOS cheatsheat

quick IP config >enable #config t (config)#interface FastEthernet 0 (config-if)#no shut (config-if)#ip address (config-if)#exit (config)#ip default-gateway (config)#ip route (config)#exit #ping (should succeed) #copy run start (dont forget!) Setting up Services >enable #config t (config)#enable secret abc123 (config)#hostname c1720-24-99 (config)#snmp-server community public RO (config)#snmp-server community private RW (config)#line vty […]

disable RPC service via Group Policy

I found a great way to lock yourself out of every machine in your domain, just disable the RPC service. Since the netlogon service relies on RPC, if you disable RPC on your domain you will no longer be able to log into a domain account. Furthermore, the client won’t be able to talk to […]

convert a .vhd to vsphere virtual machine

Every quarter the Federal Desktop Core Configuration folks release new GPOs and VHD files which you can use to build machines which they deem ‘secure’. You can use these machines to test FDCC products (like Qualysguard). The machine they provide should show a ‘passing’ statement for each of the secure configuration items. Once you’ve downloaded […]

build a backup server with OpenDeDup

With this server you can backup large amounts of data (like VMWare VCB backups) and all duplicate data will be ignored. This will usually make 10 TB of backups less than 1TB. First calculate how much memory you’ll need using this calculation: <Size of your DeDup Volume in MB> / <blocksize (4 for VMWare images) […]

configure a secondary dns (slave) server on linux

I have a master DNS server at and a slave at The master server needs this for each zone: type master; allow-transfer {}; also-notify {}; notify yes; The slave server needs this for each zone: type slave; masters {;}; Now whenever you modify a dns record on the master, increment the serial number […]

create a linux logical volume

List out all your disks to see which ones are mapped to which /dev/sdx #fdisk -l Delete any existing partitions with fdisk  -> d -> w #fdisk /dev/sda Use pvcreate to prepare the disks #pvcreate /dev/sda; pvcreate /dev/sdb; pvcreate /dev/sdc; pvcreate /dev/sdd Create a volume group #vgcreate VolGroup00 /dev/sda /dev/sdb /dev/sdc /dev/sdd Check to see […]

Add a 5th drive to Dell PowerEdge R410

These servers are great if you only need 4 drives, but what if you want to LVM or RAID 4 of the drives and then have a 5th drive for the OS? There is no power available for a 5th drive, nor any space. Luckily there are 2 internal USB ports. You can use a […]

ubuntu 9.10 print server with mac 10.6 client

I have a Samsung ML-2010 connected to a ubuntu desktop. Sharing it with my macbook was surprisingly easy. First make sure you can print locally on your ubuntu desktop. Then go to System-> Administration-> Printing Right click on the printer and check the box “Shared” Then make go to Server -> Settings… and check the […]

Setup an http load balancer in 20 seconds

Setup a http load balancer in about 20 seconds using pen. First, make sure the server you are on is NOT running anything on port 80. Next install pen with “yum install pen” (or apt-get install pen) and then you just start it using this: # pen 80 Say you ran this […]

Query Disk and Memory Usage on all vSphere hosts

This one leverages the VMWare APIs and queries all your hosts. You’ll need the VMWare Perl APIs installed on the system. It outputs to a web page so you can crontab it to run once a day and then just check the website when you need to see what memory or disk space is available […]

ipv6 default gateway on AIX

Configuring ipv6 with AIX was pretty easy, I used “smitty tcpip” to configure everything. The challenge came when I attempted to configure a default gateway. I couldn’t find this on google. Through trial an error I found the answer: Smitty tpcip -> IPV6 Configuration -> IPV6 Static Routes -> Add an IPV6 Static Route Destination […]

Printing to Samsung ML-2010 via windows sharing

I couldn’t find a solution anywhere but here is how I got it working. The printer is connected to windows 7 and shared with the name SAMSUNG. I download the samsung drivers for OS X from and install my Macbook. Then I go to System Preferences -> Print&Fax -> (Plus Sign) Tab -> Advanced Type: […]

vCenter global search error and fix

I wasn’t able to find this on google so here you go: If you see “Could not acquire an authentication ticket for the query service:” try restarting the services VMWare VirtualCenter Management Webservices & VMWare vCenter Orchestrator Configuration. This error is received when trying to use the new global search box located in the […]

Create snapshot on multiple VMWare vSphere ESX virtual machines

I wrote a simple script which creates a snapshot on multiple machines. This can also be used to delete snapshots on multiple machines. You’ll need vmware SDK for perl and an answer file with IPs separated by a carriage return like: Then use this script: #!/bin/bash API_User=administrator API_Password=INSERT_PASSWORD snapshotName=test answerFile=./answerFile.txt destinationFile=/var/www/default/htdocs/SnapshotsCreated.txt date >> […]

Philips 42PF7220A/37B Plasma repair

I bought a refurbished Philips 42″ plasma back in 2006 and today I noticed some strange behavior. The bottom half of the screen would either go black or experience extreme distortion. I figured it was hopeless but then I gave it a good kick and it fixed it. It would reoccur but it could usually […]

Serial to USB on Lion with Minicom and PL2303

I’m using a Trendnet TU-S9 which I bought on amazon for $18. It uses the Prolific Driver (PL2303). I chose this one because it works natively on current linux kernels (2.6). Now I’d like to use it on my 13″ Macbook Pro running Lion. I installed the driver from here (snow leopard only) Then I installed […]

running ESX 4 inside ESX 3.5U4

This isn’t something typically done so it took a while to figure out. Here are my findings. You can install ESX 4 inside ESX 4 but in this case I chose to install it inside of ESX 3.5 Update 4. Regardless, there are a few caveats: 1. If you try to snapshot the image, ESX […]

vSphere Client on windows 7

It is a known issue that the vSphere client doesn’t work on win7 yet. You’ll see the following error message: Error parsing the server “<Server name>” “clients.xml” file. Login will continue, contact your system administrator. The type initializer for ‘VirtualInfrastructure.Utils.HttpWebRequestProxy’ threw an exception. The fix (some of this info was obtained from the vmware forums): […]

nes and snes roms on wii

This hack wasn’t hard but there was alot of information to sort through. There are three options for wii hacking- 1. The twilight hack,  which only works on firmwares before 4.0 and requires a copy of Zelda Twilight Princess. This exploits a known vulnerability in the game itself. 2. Homebreware, costs $29 (you can pay […]

Griffin Powerdock – a superior alternative

The iphone 2g included a dock, now with the 3G and 3GS, no dock is included. The dock can be purchased from the apple store for $29, but if you have more than one apple product, there is a far better option available to you. Enter the Griffin Powerdock. For $32 ( you can charge […]