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ipv6 default gateway on AIX

Configuring ipv6 with AIX was pretty easy, I used “smitty tcpip” to configure everything.
The challenge came when I attempted to configure a default gateway. I couldn’t find this on google. Through trial an error I found the answer:

Smitty tpcip -> IPV6 Configuration -> IPV6 Static Routes -> Add an IPV6 Static Route
Destination type: net
IPV6 Destination Address: ::
IPV6 Gateway Address: <your gateway>
Cost: 0
PrefixLength: <blank>
Network Interface: en0 (usually)
Enable active dead gateway?: no

Deleting routes is equally trick. To delete a route 2001:470:470:470::/64 -> 2001:470:470:470::1 use

# route delete -inet6 2001:470:470:470::

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