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convert a .vhd to vsphere virtual machine

Every quarter the Federal Desktop Core Configuration folks release new GPOs and VHD files which you can use to build machines which they deem ‘secure’. You can use these machines to test FDCC products (like Qualysguard). The machine they provide should show a ‘passing’ statement for each of the secure configuration items.

Once you’ve downloaded the VHD file, you’ll need a windows machine with Virtual PC 2007 installed. Create a new VPC machine and replace the VHD file of that machine with the one you downloaded. Then open VMWare converter and select “Backup image or third-party virtual machine”. Then browse to the VPC machine you recently created (for me its “\\\c$\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Virtual Machines\win7alpha\win7alpha.vmc”). Select your vSphere host as your destination and let the conversion begin.

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