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Philips 42PF7220A/37B Plasma repair

IMG_0617I bought a refurbished Philips 42″ plasma back in 2006 and today I noticed some strange behavior. The bottom half of the screen would either go black or experience extreme distortion. I figured it was hopeless but then I gave it a good kick and it fixed it. It would reoccur but it could usually be fixed with another kick. Of course this usually indicates a bad contact somewhere, but finding it might not be easy.

IMG_0630Once you get the back off you’ll see 2 boards along the left, the top one controls the top half of the screen, the bottom, likewise. They attach to eachother as well as the another, larger board. I didn’t see a loose connection so I removed all three of them, separated all connections, then reconnected everything. Since then,
no problems!IMG_0624

Every connector has a different connection method, so go slow and be patient. Be especially careful with the wide connector on the bottom right of the main board, it looks kind of like an IDE cable, but it doesn’t have any pins- just exposed wires on a end of a ribbon. Underneath the boards there is some black padding; I reduced the thickness, as one forum suggested. This is actually a common problem with this model, the first links of the google ‘tv half black’ are all related to this TV.

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