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Add a 5th drive to Dell PowerEdge R410

These servers are great if you only need 4 drives, but what if you want to LVM or RAID 4 of the drives and then have a 5th drive for the OS? There is no power available for a 5th drive, nor any space. Luckily there are 2 internal USB ports. You can use a […]

nes and snes roms on wii

This hack wasn’t hard but there was alot of information to sort through. There are three options for wii hacking- 1. The twilight hack,  which only works on firmwares before 4.0 and requires a copy of Zelda Twilight Princess. This exploits a known vulnerability in the game itself. 2. Homebreware, costs $29 (you can pay […]

iPhone 2G unlocked and running 3.0 OS

Even though the OS just came out, this is actually a very easy mod. I just downloaded the files from You use the to create a new firmware file (.ipsw) and then restore the file to your phone. Once the firmware has loaded, it will reboot and update the baseband (be patient). Pwnage […]

DirecTV HR21 dvr storage upgrade to 1tb

I love how companies are doing ‘unsupported features’ now. Here is how it usually happens- 1. The hardware guys spec hardware that has certain capabilities. Some of these capabilities are there because they are simply bundled with the hardware (try buying a motherboard with a CPU socket but no USB slots 😉 Other capabilities are there […]