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nes and snes roms on wii

This hack wasn’t hard but there was alot of information to sort through.
There are three options for wii hacking-

1. The twilight hack,  which only works on firmwares before 4.0 and requires a copy of Zelda Twilight Princess. This exploits a known vulnerability in the game itself.

2. Homebreware, costs $29 (you can pay for a hack but you’ll have to turn in your techie card)

3. Bannerbomb, works on all known firmwares but isn’t a sure-fire as twilight. This is the one I elected to try.

I followed the instructions here . This allowed me to install the homebrew app which I figured was all I needed, I was incorrect.

After that I had to add and to my SD card, following the install instructions. Then I put my ROMs in the folder and enjoyed some 8bit action!

Any of the applications here can be installed

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