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acquiring old cisco IOS

So maybe you have a Cisco CCO account but the IOS image you need to load on your router to replicate your customer’s issue is no longer available. There are still some options left.

If you already know the filename of the image, your half way there. If not, there is a nice list here Once you have the filename, just google it, there’s a decent chance it is on an ftp site somewhere.

If that doesn’t work, you can use the windows program IOS hunter , or if you have plenty of time you can download a 20GB torrent called Cisco.IOS.Monster.Collection.2008 which has a ridiculous number of obsolete images.

If you’re security-minded you probably want to be sure the image hasn’t been modified. However I haven’t found any place (other than Cisco) where you can verify your file via an md5 hash. I wish cisco would make a non-CCO page which had the md5 hash for every IOS image ever created, but maybe that would only encourage us.

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