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Macbook Pro and iPhone 3GS – Christmas in July!

It all started last week, with the unveiling of the new Macbook Pros and iPhone 3GS.keyboard_backlit

Right after the iPhone’s launch I went to buy one from the online apple store, but it appeared I was going to lose any AT&T discounts which I had in place. Instead I waited until the next day and was able to purchase it from the AT&T store. 

The next day I was able to add my phone to a friends developer account and acquire the new 3.0 firmware; it’s nothing huge but there are so many little features, you can tell they’ve really been listening to us! 

Then on Tuesday I saw the Macbook Pro and I fell in love, and fell hard. But I stood my ground, because my white Macbook was only a year old and still had plenty of life in it. By wednesday I had changed my toon, when I found out I could get one (using an EDU discount) for $1100 and get a free iPod touch (via rebate). After tax that brings the total cost to $1000 (after hocking the iPod touch on ebay). Then after unloading my macbook it brings the total upgrade to $500. But that wasn’t the surprising thing; I placed my order on Wednesday at noon and received it Thursday at 10am- and I didn’t select fast shipping, I chose free shipping! So it was a nice surprise to say the least.

macbook_pro_insideRemember the days when you could pull a hard drive out of any mac and throw it in another mac and it would work? Well those days are mostly gone; When I tried to boot off my drive from the Macbook pro it did nothing at first. When I tried again later it did boot, but certain features (like sound) wouldn’t work at all. Luckily I had a 30GB partition already set aside on the drive for this type of scenario, so I loaded a fresh copy of Leopard and used settings transfer wizard which pops up. The majority of my settings tranferred fine, although my VPN software (Shimo) got hosed, probably because it didnt transfer my network adapter settings, which is logical. By the way, the hard drive replacement on the new ones is amazing easy, just don’t lose any of the 12 screws which must be removed.

As for my iPhone, boy is it snappy, they didn’t add the S for slow, thats for sure. So far my favorite brand new apps are Top Gun and Family Guy. I waited 3 hours for activation, all my friends were activated and laughing at me, that makes me a sad panda. Eventually, since my old phone was still working I decided to swap the SIMs- and it just worked.


Productivity was at an all-time low today, with people going to the mall to pick up their phones, activating their phones at their desks, or generally milling about and talking about their phones. The question we all ask is why can’t every day be iPhone day?

So far I’m loving both products, my main gripe with the laptop is that the screen doesn’t go to the edge, but non of the apple ones do (yet!). The only thing I’m just noticing now is that the unibody edge is a little sharp, so as I slouch in bed writing this, my wrist develops pretty severe red line across it- I guess I’ll have to work on my posture if I don’t want to look like a suicide victim.

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